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Curso Internacional de Manejo Clínico y Operativo de la Tuberculosis con Resistencia a Fármacos

Curso Internacional de Manejo Clínico y Operativo de la Tuberculosis con Resistencia a Fármacos

El curso Internacional de Manejo Clínico y Operativo de la Tuberculosis con Resistencia a Fármacos fue desarrollado debido al desafío global de la tuberculosis con multi-fármaco resistencia (MDR-TB), y más recientemente, de la tuberculosis extremadamente farmacorresistente (TB-XDR), que han atraído cada vez más atención y recursos en los últimos años.

24 Jul 2017

Lima, Peru

5 days

Curso Internacional de Manejo Clínico y Operativo de la Tuberculosis con Resistencia a Fármacos

Tuberculosis and Lung Health Course

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Al final los participantes deben ser capaces de:

  • • Describir la actual situación epidemiológica mundial de la tuberculosis resistente a fármacos.
    • Revisar los diferentes enfoques para la detección y diagnóstico de casos de la tuberculosis resistente a fármacos
    • Abordar las bases del tratamiento ideal de la TB de acuerdo a los diferentes patrones de la tuberculosis resistente.
    • Revisar los medicamentos de segunda línea y nuevos medicamentos.
    • Discutir los problemas comunes y las posibles soluciones para la gestión de la tuberculosis resistente a fármacos


El curso está dirigido a profesionales implicados en el manejo clínico y programático de la tuberculosis multidrogo resistente.

Costo del Curso: 1,100 USD

El costo del curso incluye marticula, materiales, almuerzo y dos coffee breaks.
Contamos con un paquete residencial a 1 800 USD (incluye matrícula + 700 USD para hotel y desayuno).


Dr José Caminero

Idioma: Español

Course Brief

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I am more of a technical person and I did not have formal project management training. I was learning by doing. Now I have a different perspective, I have the theory and the practice. The content will impact how I run future projects, more professionally.

Dr Uladzimir Antonenka , Germany
Program Manager for Central Asia Republics

I was impressed by this advanced tuberculosis (TB) course that took all of us participants from theory to practice in TB care and prevention. It was well designed and meticulously implemented. It provided plenty of up-to-date supporting resources and articles and we got a chance to experience what happens in real life during the field visits. The faculty chosen for this course was exceptionally good and engaging. I have already applied data-driven supervision and capacity building through sharing evidence-based inputs in my work.

Dr Jingtao Gao , China
Clinical Center on TB, China CDC

I came to the course with three major questions about supply chain management, and they were all answered.

Charity Omenka , Nigeria
Programme Manager, Institute of Human Virology

Ma participation au Cours International pour le contrôle de la tuberculose organisé par l’Union remonte à cinq ans. Jeune pneumologue ayant fraîchement fini sa formation spécialisée, j’étais naïvement convaincu d’être suffisamment outillé pour prendre correctement en charge la tuberculose.
Mais étonnamment, ce fut trois semaines riches en enseignements et en partage d’expériences avec des praticiens venus de divers horizons, appuyés par des exercices pratiques qui reflètent les difficultés quotidiennement rencontrées lors de la prise en charge des patients.

Dr Serge Ade , Bénin

The Union’s courses continue to provide quality training and education to its participants. Our years of dedicated educational services originates from the need of valuable knowledge and skills to be acquired by public health professionals, from low- and middle-income countries. We strive to provide the necessary tools needed to address the challenges faced by national programme managers and healthcare administrators in limited-resource settings. Former course participants share their experiences.

Andrews Seglah , Ghana
Budget Planning and Project Management
Clinical and Operational Management Course