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International Clinical and Programmatic TB-HIV Course

International Clinical and Programmatic TB-HIV Course

The International Clinical and Programmatic TB-HIV Course aims to improve diagnosis, treatment and care of tuberculosis among people living with HIV. Mortality in co-infected patients is often very high and not all programmes are adapted to give an effective response on this reality. We believe that to reduce mortality in co-infected patients, it is necessary to offer an integrated clinical management to harmonise the management of both diseases and their complications under framework of the 12 points components of the country-level implementation of collaborative TB-HIV activities.

07 May 2018


5 days

International Clinical and Programmatic TB-HIV Course

Tuberculosis and Lung Health Course

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Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Update the participants on the clinical management skills and capacities to care for patients affected by TB and HIV, with a special focus in the main complications leading to the current excess in mortality among the group
  • Introduce diagnosis of HIV infection in tuberculosis services and tuberculosis in HIV care and treatment
  • Discuss quality care and treatment of tuberculosis among people living with HIV
  • Review the public health approach to collaborative TB-HIV services and the policy framework
  • Strengthen the role of patients and the community in strengthening TB-HIV collaboration
  • Contribute to the creation to the critical mass of healthcare workers well-trained and proactive in the management and care of patients with TB-HIV, updated to the latest scientific evidence. This is intended to support the creation of better bottom up health policies in order to reduce mortality and improve the quality of care

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for national AIDS and tuberculosis programme managers, clinicians and staff, from country national programme officers and other health professionals.

Course Fee: 1,850 USD

Course fee includes tuition, training material, lunch and two tea breaks. Residential package fee available at 2,810 USD (Course fee + 960 USD for accommodation and breakfast.


Dr Ignacio Monedero and Dr Riitta Dlodlo

Language: English

Course Brief

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I was impressed by this advanced tuberculosis (TB) course that took all of us participants from theory to practice in TB care and prevention. It was well designed and meticulously implemented. It provided plenty of up-to-date supporting resources and articles and we got a chance to experience what happens in real life during the field visits. The faculty chosen for this course was exceptionally good and engaging. I have already applied data-driven supervision and capacity building through sharing evidence-based inputs in my work.

Dr Jingtao Gao , China
Clinical Center on TB, China CDC
Tuberculosis and Lung Health Course