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Power and Influence, Networking and Partnerships

Power and Influence, Networking and Partnerships

Power and Influence, Networking and Partnerships provides participants with a better understanding of the basics of power and influence and how to use them more effectively through creating networks, partnerships and alliances.

In this five-day course, participants will come away with a better understanding of how to use their power and influence with their superiors, subordinates, peers and those within and without their organisation. Participants will create a leadership development plan they can implement to create more effective networks, have more influence and create more partnerships and alliances. Focus is given to developing the interpersonal communication skills necessary to facilitate an enhanced sense of community and cooperation, as well as to establish strong partnerships for promoting public health initiatives.

18 Jun 2018

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

5 days

Power and Influence, Networking and Partnerships

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Benefits of Training

  • Learn to facilitate large meetings and confidently manage conflict
  • Practice negotiations with internal and external stakeholders to form effective partnerships
  • Use the art of focused conversation to gain political commitment
  • Discuss how to forge strong coalitions and partnerships
  • Acquire and apply skills to promote health projects through collaborating and pooling information and resources
  • Improve interpersonal communication skills to build stronger relationships

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for middle- to senior-level managers, organisational leaders and decision-makers, who are responsible for formulating or organising health programme strategies at regional, national and international levels.

Programme Content

  • Day 1
    • Welcome and introduction to Power and Influence, Networking and Partnerships
    • Schmooze or lose
    • Communications
    • Decision style inventory
  • Day 2
    • Power and influence
    • Science of persuasion
    • Influence without authority
    • Team dynamics lost at sea exercise
    • Belbin team role questionnaire
  • Day 3
    • Hidden influence of social networks
    • How management teams can have a good fight
    • Creating effective social networks
  • Day 4
    • Forging the international partnership
    • Globalisation through alliances NGO and government collaboration
    • The walk from no to yes
    • Trust
    • Work interest survey
  • Day 5
    • Motivating self and others
    • Tipping point: Using power, influence, networking and partnership
    • Open discussion and presentations
    • Course wrap up






Course Fee: 1,650 USD

Residential package fee available at 2,610 USD (course fee + 960 USD for accommodation and breakfast).

Language: English

Course Brief