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Strategic Planning and Innovation

Strategic Planning and Innovation

This five-day course focuses on bringing a creative mindset to organisations and slowly infusing a culture of innovation within. Using real time examples, the course seeks to bring about actionable change in the way that each participant thinks, creating a road map from creativity to strategy using experiential methodology.

Participants in this course will identify and connect their creative abilities, learn and apply creativity tools and techniques to ground level issues and build a personal map of their organisation and its strategic impact.

03 Jul 2017

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

5 days

Strategic Planning and Innovation

International Management Development Programme Courses (IMDP) Course

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Benefits of Training

• Learn and apply creativity techniques to everyday and strategic issues
• Continuously examine patterns of thinking, leading to newer ways of dealing with challenges
• Formulate newer plans and practicable strategies for driving change
• Learn how to identify and leverage relationships with those parties that directly or indirectly influence the decision making processes
• Experiment with strategy implementation applications

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for junior- to senior-level managers working in public health who oversee personnel across multiple levels, divisions and locations. Strategic organisational leaders, decision makers and thought leaders who are responsible for the formulation of organisational or programme strategy and who lead organisations at regional, national and international levels.

Programme Content

  • Day 1
    • Welcome and introduction to Strategic Planning & Innovation
    • Creativity
    • Challenging your thinking style
    • Identifying real-world issues to work through
  • Day 2
    • Information concept brainstorming
    • Case study work
    • Individual problems of managers
  • Day 3
    • Applying new learning to the group
    • Creativity and innovation
    • Managing change
  • Day 4
    • Overview of strategic planning
    • Environmental assessment
    • Practical vision
    • Underlying contradictions
  • Day 5
    • Strategic directions
    • Focused implementation
    • Process steps review
    • Closing


Viswanath Gopalakrishnan and Gayatri Sriram

Course Fee: 1,650 USD

Course Brief


Residential package fee available at 2,610 USD (course fee + 960 USD for accommodation and breakfast).